What our customers are saying...

Our social worker and school secretary were commenting on how nice all the merchandise was. I overheard the kids going into the office to shop and there were a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" and excitement coming from the room.
The event was a big success. The products were great, the scanners worked wonderfully, and kids and volunteers were happy to be there. The tech support, Chris, was a huge help when we needed him.
This was our first Holiday shop using Holiday Treasures. We absolutely loved the ease of setting up and displaying the items. We were pleasantly surprised with the products, and students found everything for someone on their shopping list. We used the shop for two schools and customer support was outstanding when we had any questions! We will be using them for years to come.
The past six years our PTO has worked with Holiday Treasures for our annual school holiday shop. We have never been disappointed, the high-quality service and care you will receive always goes above and beyond. The inventory is of great quality, there are so many options, that there is truly something for everyone and every budget. If you are looking for a holiday shop look no further, I assure you, you will be more than pleased.
Teacher and parents were very impressed with the quality of the items compared with past shops.
“This has been the easiest Holiday Shop to work with. Reorders are a breeze and Holiday Treasures sends you everything you need. The families love the products, and they change them to give a good variety. Holiday Treasures has been a positive, profitable fundraiser for our school. Thank you! “
For those of you that are disappointed with penguin shop, look into holiday treasures. The product is really good and the price point is perfect. They send scanners so checking out is super quick and they sent so much product that I’d be surprised if we sold out of anything. They also post the product online so parents can easily go over each gift with their students, which also makes shopping quick and easy.
Holiday Treasures has been great to work with! They make it easy for my PTO to order, set-up, and manage sales. The gifts are quality and affordable for all students in a Title I building. Everything you need is included! And when items run out, the re-order process is easy and new supplies show up quickly.
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