Local Advantage Map

Note: We selectively serve schools in other states not shown. Ask us for details.

Holiday Treasures Gift Shop ™ is a family owned business serving midwest schools for 45+ years. We are headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with offices in Libertyville, Illinois. We treat our schools as we want to be treated - like a treasured friend.

Responsive Service

A local supplier will always be more responsive and reliable than a company located across the country. We know your school and community.

Local Licensed Sports

We carry the largest selection of licensed Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota sports gifts. Other states sports gifts are available upon request.

Free Delivery & Pickup

Our delivery drivers and trucks will be there when you need them to be! Guaranteed!

Free Reorder Service Next Morning

We will have your reorders to you the next morning, typically before your shop opens.

Local Service Team

A local representative is assigned to your school. You'll can our entire team at our fall open houses.