Online School Holiday Gift Shopping

Holiday Treasures offers a variety of shopping options. Our flexible programs allow for a shop strategy that will accommodate your school districts' guidelines. Each option includes:
  • Customized school gift website
  • Custom online chairperson dashboard
  • Free electronic promotional materials
  • Free gift bags
  • Our 100% gift satisfaction guarantee

Option #1
Shop In-Person

  • Parent volunteers set up a gift display in a classroom or secure area at school.
  • Children can preview gifts in person, then complete their Wish Lists at home.
  • Families also can preview gifts on your school’s Holiday Treasures shop site. We will provide a custom link for your shop browsing.
  • On their buying day, children return with money and their Gift Planner Envelopes. Cash, checks or prepaid Gift Vouchers can be used for payment.
  • Gifts are purchased in your shop, and sent home with children. Free gift wrap and shopping bags are included.

Option #2
Shop Online from Home

  • We provide a link to your school’s custom gift website.
  • Students place orders and pay for gifts online.
  • We pack individual orders and sort them by classroom.
  • Shipment is labeled by classroom for easy distribution.
  • Free shipping to school.
  • No volunteers required.